We have an amazing story to share with you! Meet Rocket, a gorgeous little Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby who has captured the heart of our Operations Manager, Dean Reid. #InvestingInSurvival #DigiOfficial

At only 5.5 months old, Rocket is the first of his kind to be hand-raised by the Aussie Ark team. Dean has stepped into the role of surrogate dad, providing round-the-clock care for this adorable little animal. 

But Rocket’s story isn’t just cute – it’s critical. His species is endangered and heading towards extinction. Every individual counts, and the care of Rocket is a huge time and financial commitment. 

We’re reaching out to you to ask for your support. Any donation you can make towards Rocket’s care will help ensure that we can continue to provide him with the love and Follow Rocket’s progress and witness the amazing work that goes into caring for this adorable little species. Support little Rocket and Dean’s new adventure today! #ThrivingOnSuccess.

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