An Open Letter from Campaign for Nature’s (CfN) Global Steering Committee 

In an era where environmental challenges seem relentless, the importance of financial strategies tailored for nature conservation cannot be overstated. The Global Steering Committee’s recent statement on nature finance sheds light on this pivotal subject, emphasizing the critical role of funding in achieving sustainable conservation outcomes.

The Need for Nature Finance

Bridging the Financial Gap

Despite global recognition of the importance of environmental preservation, there exists a significant funding gap in conservation initiatives. Nature finance emerges as a solution, aiming to allocate funds strategically to maximize ecological benefits.

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Finance

Linking nature finance to the SDGs ensures that financial resources are directed towards projects that not only protect biodiversity but also promote sustainable development.

The Global Steering Committee’s Vision

A Collective Responsibility

The Committee underscores the collective responsibility of nations, businesses, and individuals in bolstering nature finance. Pooling resources and expertise can amplify the positive impact on global ecosystems.

Embracing Innovative Financial Models

Traditional financing methods may not suffice in addressing the multifaceted challenges of conservation. The Committee advocates for innovative financial models, harnessing both public and private sectors, to achieve desired outcomes.

The Way Forward

Collaborative Financing for Nature

Promoting collaboration between governments, NGOs, and the private sector can cultivate a conducive environment for nature finance to thrive. Such synergies can ensure sustained funding and effective conservation strategies.

Ensuring Accountability and Transparency

For nature finance to gain momentum and credibility, it’s imperative to ensure transparency and accountability in the allocation and use of funds.

Nature finance is more than just a financial strategy; it represents a beacon of hope in our pursuit of a harmonious coexistence with the environment. By embracing innovative financial models and fostering collaborations, we can ensure that nature receives the attention—and the funding—it rightfully deserves.


  1. What is nature finance?
    Nature finance refers to financial strategies and models aimed at supporting and enhancing conservation efforts.
  2. Why is the Global Steering Committee’s statement significant?
    The statement emphasizes the collective responsibility in supporting nature finance and encourages innovative financial approaches.
  3. How does nature finance relate to the SDGs?
    Nature finance can be linked to the SDGs to ensure funding goes towards projects promoting both biodiversity and sustainable development.
  4. What role does collaboration play in nature finance?
    Collaboration ensures pooling of resources and expertise, which can amplify the positive impact on global ecosystems.
  5. How can accountability in nature finance be ensured?
    By maintaining transparency in the allocation and usage of funds and fostering regular audits and reviews.

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