Tezos Metaverse Tz1and

We have Built our 1st NFT Gallery and Endangered animal information centre on the Tezoz Blockchain in Tz1and.com metaverse, you need a PC to log in , the metaverse is still being Developed mobile login coming. (More info to Come) https://twitter.com/DigiNFTs Ask us more details here @DigiNFTs “all ways double check all links”

https://www.tz1and.com 1st time visit link

https://www.tz1and.com/explore?placeid=547 Direct Link: Our Digi Planet NFT Gallery Building

https://www.tz1and.com/explore?placeid=550 Direct Link:Our Digi Planet Information Centre Building

https://www.tz1and.com/explore?interior=3 Direct link to our Digi Planet Private VIP Games ?! area

https://www.tz1and.com/explore?placeid=717 Future merch and metavses shop ?

Tezos BlockChain https://tezos.com link and information

To purchase anything in Tz1and you’ll need a Tezos wallet and Tezos token Links to where you can buy Tezos https://tezos.com/tez/#buy-tez

Tezos Wallet Links: https://tezos.com/learn/store-and-use/ Store & Use