Digi Panda Diamonds NFT Holder

There will only be 1,000 in total over time and each of theses NFTs will also have a .1% Value of the collection. More Detail to come. (Huge long term ecosystem) (“Max 10 of theses NFTs per Wallet”)

Panda Diamonds NFTs,Huge Long term Benefits throughout ecosystem, voting rights, Discount on Merch, WhiteListed for all our NFT collection, early game access, early metaverse access and much more to come, as the ecosystem grows so will the benefit to Panda Diamonds NFTs. Plus one Epic benefit we will talk about closer to DROP. the extra benefits are not aclunitive in wallets

“Med to long term, love this to become wholly community run”

The 1000 Panda Diamonds NFT drop will consist of all having .1% ownership of our ( Digi Panda Diamonds NFT Holders Treasury wallet).

The 2.5% pool , and future voting rights, in ecosystem , future extra benefits may apply in time as we evolve. 1st drop will be for Whitelisted wallets only, we will post how to get white listed soon, whitelist price will be 50Tz Tezos 25% less than public sale 62.5Tz Tezos

Tier1- Benefits NFTs 450 have .1% – Digi NFTs white list privileges

Tier2 Benefits 250-NFTs .1% plus 15% Discount our Merchandise, Digi NFTs white list privileges

Tier3 Benefits 200-NFTs .1% plus WhiteList privileges, on our whole ecosystem

Tier4 Benefit 100NFTs .1% plus Whitelist whole ecosystem NFTs and 15% of merch store

Only max 700 will be sold , 300 puts aside marketing , team, giveaways , future partnerships, we also wish to buy back and burn minimum 500 to 700 over time.

Extra Info – More Details in Our Gated Community Chat

2.5% of our own NFTs Projects sales will go into the wallet “Digi Panda Diamonds NFT Holders Treasury”

30% of the VIP ecosystem NFTs sales will go in to our investment wallet to kick it off, our funds building in our Treasury wallet that will pay out to holder ( we will chat about the finer details ).

The value of theses NFTs will be tied to this wallet with each NFT having a value of .1% of wallet value “this option will be activated 6 months after there Drop/Launch”

You will need to hold one or more of theses NFTs for a continued period of 6months before you have the opportunity of any dividend from the “Digi Panda Diamonds NFT Holders Treasury wallet”

This community will also get to vote which charity gets % from theses NFT sales, % below

more details to come long term play. (“Max 10 of theses NFTs per Wallet”)

Tezos % Breakdown Distribution Guide for Ecosystem NFTs

30% Donated to a Animal Charity voted on buy This community

30% to the “Digi Panda Diamonds NFT Holders Treasury wallet”

25% Digi Ecosystem Development wallet

15% Admin & Team wallet