Tasmanic’s Pixel NFTs & Game

Tasmanic’s are our 1st NFT project on the Tezos Blockchain (coming soon ) this is a guide and we need to be flexible. We have multi year road map for decades ahead, DigiOfficail is a long term endangered species project, we understand the importance of community and community engagement.

About Us RoadMap & EcoSystem ( in Progress )

About the Tasmanic’s Collection and Game

1.Pixel art PFP project with community utility.

1a.10,000 collection 2.5Tz each ( approx $2.50 USD each ) at current price, If you don’t hold Tezos and or Tezos compatible wallett official links below.

Wallet Links: https://tezos.com/learn/store-and-use/ Store & Use, lf you need a Tezos wallet and Tezos tokens Links to where you can buy Tezos https://tezos.com/tez/#buy-tez “Official Tezos Links”

2b. 7 rarities with super powers in our Game “Tasmania’s” web based Game special powers will be announced later, total of 25% of the mint has some level of special power and future utility, all the designs are ready.

Rarity % scale below & power’s approx % of each, Guide.

.1%, Mythic – The devastating Mythic power of Tassies Devils “Whirlwind ” a massive destructive whirlwind destroying everting it touches for 10sec each level )

.5%, Legendary – The Legendary power and of the Harpy Eagle (Harpia harpyja)the most powerful eagle in the world ( Massive Fire power 5 sec each level )

1.4% Epic – The epic power of the Bombardier beetles Acid defence ( power of Acid 10 sec each level )

5% Rare -The rare Gloomy Octopus (Octopus tetricus)For its distinctive way of defending its boundaries ?! bomb throwing Octopus. ( for 5 Sec each level )

7% Scarce– The healing power of Nature ( restores 1 life )

11% Uncommon The shielding power of Angel Wings (10 sec once each level )

75% Common you have more power than a player that doesn’t have a Tasmanic and connect there wallet, yes people will be able to play with out holding a Tasmanic or connecting there wallet BUT they have no extra power and have less fire power than having a Common Tasmanic and connecting there wallet.

c. The domain is the same as game https://tasmanics.com we own & hosting is on hostpappa.com Not Live yet.

2. single and 2 player Game

3. Log into the game with your wallet, it will verify you own at least one Tasmanic’s nfts, it will recognise if you hold any of the Tasmanic’s with special abilities and make them available for use, the extra skill/powers depend on the rarity of the Tasmanic’s you hold in your wallet.

4. There will be leader boards for highest score’s

5. Ability to in-game purchase extra life’s with Tezos.

5A. we will put 50% of all in-game purchase aside to split between the highest score and ?? end of each month or donate to a animal charity voted on by community, Must be a legit Charity etc.

we can discuss the rest in community chats.

Tasmanic’s in-Game Tezos purchases Break down of use, Guide

50% back to players

35% back Tasmanics future development and Marketing

15% Team and Ecosystem

About Us RoadMap EcoSystem ( in Progress )