Become an Animal Protector today #DigiAgent and help end wildlife exploitation

Stand by their side and help end the exploitation, suffering Digi Official.

All over the world, every day, thousands of wild animals endure senseless suffering.

Baby animals such as elephants, bears and tigers are taken from the wild and from their mothers, made to live their whole lives in captivity, Habitat loss and the risk of disease outbreak never-ending misery, loneliness and suffering. Animals desperately need you to help protect them from cruelty, pain and exploitation. Support vulnerable animals with your of our NFTs and collections

Please help end their suffering – become an Animal Protector #DigiAgent today.

Where the Direct Donation money goes

  • 70% will go to a endangered animal organisation to be voted on by our NFT community holders “more details to come”
  • 25% infrastructure and development
  • 5% Staff and admin

Other ways you can contribute and help our mission- join our community , be active in any positive way, buy nfts and support the different animals charities were are raising funds for, if you feel you can offer some other lever of support, techiniquel , art , infrastructure please get in contact

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