‘Zero plant extinction’ is possible, says plant ecologist

Summary: Plants, like animals, are facing extinction due to human activity, but conservation efforts for plants are often overlooked. Plant ecologist Richard T. Corlett suggests an approach for preventing all future land plant extinctions, including training more plant experts, building an online “metaherbarium,” and creating “microreserves.” The conservation plans for different plant species can take various forms, such as nature reserves or botanical gardens. The lack of trained specialists and access to information are the biggest barriers to plant conservation. Corlett suggests building an online database that links digitized records from herbarium specimens with photographs, status assessments, recovery plans, and links to other resources. Collaboration and dedication at individual, national, and global levels are necessary to achieve the goal of preventing plant extinctions.

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  1. Richard T. Corlett. Achieving zero extinction for land plantsTrends in Plant Science, 2023 DOI: 10.1016/j.tplants.2023.03.019

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