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Because of our busy modern lifestyle, we can’t get to see our friends and family as often as we would like. It’s becoming more and more difficult to let them to know those things that is happening around us immediately.

A lot of times, happiness is a momentary thing. But if this happiness can be passed to our most important people in a timely manner, it is not doubt that the happiness will become double and keep on beautiful memory. So is there such a product that can help us do it? This WI-FI digital cloud photo frame was born based on this situation.

Our digital frame boasts a sleek, modern design that blends well with any home interior. It makes a beautiful addition to your bedroom, living room, office desk, or shelves.

Product Information

* Product performance description
1/ 10 inch IPS Screen 1280*800 Resolution

2/ Touch Scrreen 10 Point Capacitive Touch
3/ Brightness: 250cd/㎡
4/ Material :Wood+Plastic
5/ Memory Card: SD / USB
6/ Interface: TF Card/ USB/Earphone/ DC
7/Power supply: 100-240V 50-60Hz input; 5V-2A output
8/Speakers: built-in 2 stereo speaker 8Ω*2W
9/CPU: cortex- A35 quad core 1.5GHz RK3326
10/Memory: 1G DDR / 16GB Flash
11/Wifi : 802.11 b/n/g
12/It Will Auto Start/Stop Playing
13/Others:Logo printing , Booting logo etc.

Frameo Digital Photo Frame

Compatible with the Frameo app on your phone, this digital picture frame lets you easily send photos or videos to the paired photo frame.

The app also utilizes Secure Device Grid (SDG), so rest assured the photos you send are safe and secure.


The screen ratio of the wifi cloud photo frame is 16:10, you can put it horizontally or vertically on the desktop by using its detachable solid rack or wall mounted ,the content will auto adjust to suit your placement.

Anywhere & Anytime

With a digital picture frame connect to the WI-FI, you are ready to receive photos and small videos from your family and friends anywhere anytime.

Easy Share

Not only you can send photos or small videos to the photo frame by the free smart phone app (Frameo),but also with micro USB port
and micro SD card slot, its so simple and easy!

Instant Wireless Sharing

No need for an email address or a social media account! You can use a free app to send your pictures or short video to the cloud digital photo frame to keep those precious moment.

React Menu

Tap one of the reactions to let the sender know how you feel about latest pictures or video.

Multi-user Connection

Adding new friends on your wireless digital photo frame is very convenience with a connection code,like yourself, your
parents,daughter/son,friends or others.(make sure that the connected has downloaded and installed the Frameo app.)

Power Menu

Easy to setup and use with touch screen- even by people who are not used to computers or social media.

Title goes here.
Frameo quick setup
When starting your frame for the first time,you will need to set up the frame.
– Select a language,timezone
– Connect your flame to the internet by connecting it to Wi-Fi.
– Verify or correct the date and time
– Enter your flame’s name,location…


*10 inch smart digital picture frame
*DC Power
* OTG cable
*User Manual
*Cloth for wiping
*Screen Protector(applied)
*detachable solid rack
*Touchscreen Pen(colors was sent stochastically)
*Beautiful box

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