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MAONO Family Story

Maono was established in 2014. Since then, we have built up strong relationships with customers on a global scale. Maono focuses on Microphone and accessories research/development and manufacturing. The core team members have worked in the top 100 manufacturing enterprises in the world, such as BYD, Foxconn,Quanta and Huawei.

With vast combined experience and the excellent abilities of our research and development team, we manufacture innovative
microphone and accessories.

We are committed to meeting the end user’s real needs better.

Products Description

Maono PD100 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern to reduce background noise for a cleaner audio. There is a standard XLR output on the microphone for connecting audio interfaces or mixers. The full metal body delivers excellent shielding performance and durability. The PD100 microphone also includes all metal stand system to connect with a boom arm or place on desk. It is with professional-level performance and is suitable for streaming, gaming, podcasting, etc. It works great with Maonocaster AME2 or Focusrite Scarlett Solo and Maono latest audio interface.


PD 100
Microphone Type
Polar Pattern
Output Impedance
Frequency Response
-54+3dB@1kHz 0dB=1V/Pa
132dB SPL
Audio Output
Portable size
Podcasting/Gaming/Online Chat

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XLR Interface
Gold plated XLR core provides stronger connection stability and ensures the better audio output

Cardioid Polar Pattern
Top address direction makes your sound more clear, center and smooth,the best recording range: 2″-4″

Fits Different Mic Stands
Compatible with different mic stand,PD100 can be connected to 3/8″,5/8″ mic arm stand, gives your more options during recording process


Vocal Recording & Podcasting

Cardioid pickup and top-address technology to pick up your voice more accurately,smooth,to make the voice clearly. inner double layer pop filter reduce the most of room noise, ensure the better sound.

Personal Singing Recording & Music

Stable connection with music equipment, the recording process is smooth, enjoyable, wide frequency response & handles high SPLs,gets a richer sound, prevents sound breakage makes your sound charming.

Make Your Home Studio More Happy

PD100 makes your content creation manageable and enjoyable with the help of audio interfaces, mixers, and sound cards, edit audio whenever you want, let the XLR microphone do the work for you.

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